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The Key to Making Relationships Last

Relationships are not always easy, and sometimes they take a lot of hard work, but it’s worth the effort.  Why?  Because a long-term committed relationship is fulfilling, satisfying, good for your health and just makes you feel happy. 

When you finally meet someone you think may be The One, you want to make sure the relationship lasts.  Here are a few ways to get the momentum going:photo

  1. As a couple, it can’t always be about your agenda. So be aware of how flexible you are, how understanding you are and how willing you are to see your partner’s perspective on things.

Coping with the Unexpected: How to Be More Resilient

girls-women-happy-sexy-sunset-sunrise-birdsLife has a way of surprising us with challenges we didn’t expect, especially when it comes to our family, health and work.  Studies show that some individuals can deal with these significant issues with greater resiliency than others.  They tend to rebound and take on the challenge with confidence and hope.  If you believe yourself to be strong in the face of stressful situations, you can classify your emotional hardiness as high.  If not, you may want to learn how to develop and apply the characteristics of a resilient personality to better enhance your chances of successfully dealing with your unexpected crises. CONTINUE READING

Dealing with Midlife Guilt & Shame: Learn Your Lessons Well!

John Bradshaw, the award winning author of “Healing the Shame that Binds You ” says that “shame is the all pervasive sense that [you] are flawed and defective as a human being.”  Guilt, on the other hand, means you have committed a wrongdoing and feel bad about it.  Shame is more personal, intrinsic.  It is more about who you are, not about what you did. Both are human emotions that cause you to put a negative label on yourself, when it’s not who you really are. 15234996483_f47c500c42_o

What parent hasn’t said, “I could’ve been a better parent.”  What child hasn’t said, “I could have done more for my aging parent.”

You are human and you will make mistakes. … CONTINUE READING

When You Retire: Reinventing Yourself at Midlife

With a surprising number of boomers heading towards retirement, most are not ready to spend their days hitting the golf balls or playing bridge. Instead they are looking to the future with enthusiasm and gusto.  Why?  Because they know that now they can finally do what they’ve always wanted to do.  Whether it’s learning a new instrument (I’m learning the ukulele), studying a new language, writing a book or going back to school for training, they are excited about what lies ahead.52

How do you get that kind of enthusiasm?  Understand that most people “our” age are living a lot longer — in fact well into their 80’s. … CONTINUE READING

Feeling Good: A Blueprint for Reaching Your Goals

   img_11111The New Year brings on new energy, new commitments and new goals for many boomers. This means a resurgence of excitement and renewal in body, mind and spirit. Often, boomers decide to go on diets, clean out their closets, begin exercise programs and make other changes that improve and enhance their lives for the better. 

What they don’t do is keep the momentum going so that it lasts more than a few months. Does this sound like you? Do you want to make your life better, but fall short after it seems too hard, too tedious or too much work?

What steps can you take to permanently reach your goals?… CONTINUE READING