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Choose Your Words Wisely: Stop Before You Speak

The power of a single word is obvious. Say something mean and hurtful in anger and it may be difficult to take back or forget. But say something kind when someone needs it most and you are a savior and inspiration. Words, therefore, are very powerful and must be chosen wisely and with much thought. IMG_2455

Think about words like happiness, kindness, silliness, laughter, playfulness and hopefulness and compare them to words like, grim, dismal, sadness, hopeless, misery, tearful and depressed. Their meanings are clear, but by arranging them a certain way, you can set a tone and convey a message to the person involved in the conversation.… CONTINUE READING

Adult Children: Are you a Support or Do You Meddle?

Is there a difference between being a support to your children and being too supportive? Should we as parents be worried?

I am the mom of two wonderful adult children. Both are college educated and on their own. My married son has a great job and he and his wife are financially stable. In fact, they have one little girl and are talking about #2. My single daughter lives 3000 miles away, and I worry about her all the time. Can I draw the line between being the supportive, caring mother, and not the interfering, meddling mom? If I ask too many questions, am I prying?… CONTINUE READING

Change Your Thinking: Now is the Best Time!

Do you understand the power of your mind? Have you wondered why your thoughts about an event are even more important than the event itself? This is crucial because everything you are and everything you have is a result of your thoughts.

Think about this. If you have a car accident, for example, do you anticipate having back and neck problems and get so anxious that you actually have cramps and diarrhea also?

Cognitive-behavioral therapists are trained to help you understand that your thoughts are affecting your moods, behaviors and ultimately your physical body and that you can change your experience by doing some simple, proven techniques.… CONTINUE READING

Home for the Holidays: You and Your College Kids

As wonderful as the holidays are, when your college kids come home, the stress usually escalates. It’s not that you don’t want to see them. In fact, you’re looking forward to it, but the problem lies in expectations.

You want to welcome your adult child home from school, yet you’re not sure you can see him/her technically all grown up. Remember that your child has been away from home where rules and restrictions are minimal and is experiencing many more opportunities and temptations than when they were safely under your supervision.

So how do you handle all this?

1. You would like to do an emotional check up on the kids to be sure they’re doing well, but don’t want to pry too much or be invasive.… CONTINUE READING

Who Me, Retire?

You have to admit this — you aren’t getting any younger.   But with 78 million of us still employed, you are forcing companies to reinvent what it means to be “old” and still working. Many of you don’t have to think about retirement for another 5-10 years, and others are contemplating that transition now. To avoid the confusion and maybe frustration, it’s wise to think about what you really want to be experiencing in your job and after, to make “retirement” an easier transition.

If you have some time to think about this, the ideal job for baby boomers would include flexible hours so you have the availability to care for your aging parents and growing children.  … CONTINUE READING