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Baby Boomer Concerns

 What kind of emotional mistakes do boomers often make?mature couple hugging

 There are several.  One important mistake is forgetting to have a good time and enjoying all life has to offer.  Many boomers are taking life too seriously. Not only does it affect how people relate to you, but it also affects how you feel.  Laughter and humor are tools to diffuse negativity and to boost your immune system. It’s an easy way to de-stress and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Another thing to be aware of is how often you sabotage yourself through your negative thinking, worry or even fear.  How can you achieve what you want when you are fearing your failure or doubting your potential? … CONTINUE READING


Memories: Do You Remember When…?

woman contemplatingYou’ve lived long enough to experience many changes, both good and bad.  You have seen the world through the eyes of a child and now as a mature adult.  Things are undoubtedly very different from when you were young.  But thankfully, you have the memories. Your memories are closely enmeshed with emotions of love, grief or joy.  Memories affect your reasoning and decision-making, and because of your past, your present actions and experiences are affected.  Your concept of yourself, your choices, attitudes and behaviors are driven in part by what you remember and how you interpret those memories.

So when I remember the metal skates that fit over my sneakers and the skate key used to tighten them, I am conjuring up a positive, pleasant memory that brings a smile to my face.… CONTINUE READING


Family Conflict: How to Create a Safe Environment

couple yelling at each otherYour relationship should make you feel safe and secure.  It should be the kind of relationship that encourages good communication and understanding when a conflict arises.  However, you know that things don’t always go as you would like and sometimes nasty words are exchanged and you and your partner are hurt, confused and angry.

It’s during those trying times, you need to feel comfortable enough to discuss your issues, without feeling intimidated, wronged or invisible.  How do you create an environment that allows you each to speak your minds so a compromise can be established?

You first have to set down some guidelines about fair fighting. … CONTINUE READING


How Baby Boomers Deal with Disillusionment


Baby Boomers and Aging

Boomers who are young at heart

Active boomers

As today’s baby boomers grow older, the concept of aging has changed.  No longer do retirement, seniors, frail and elderly, apply. Now the negative image of the inactive, dependent elder is making way to the active, involved, healthy, wealthy and eternally young individual who has meaning and purpose in their latter years.

The role and value of boomers is being portrayed in the media as sexually active, community-minded, self-starters.  They are seen as young-at-heart, vital, ambitious, go-getters who are not willing to sit idly, watching the world go by.

Look at these facts:

Each year, 500,000 people over 60 are studying on college campuses.… CONTINUE READING