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Anti-Aging: Don’t Fall Prey to Getting Older

How you feel inside reflects whether or not you will age gracefully.  That’s a heavy statement.  After all, we all want to age with the least amount of attention or surprises.  However, if getting older to you means becoming more fragile, more forgetful and more wrinkled, then you need to look at your expectations and revise them.

Research has shown that attitude has a greater impact on health and longevity than anything else.  In other words, your expectations about what you are capable of determines how much you WILL do as you age.  Your expectations, not chronological age or biology, sets your limits on physical dexterity, strength, intelligence and even on how you look.… CONTINUE READING

Self-Love: The Key to Happiness and Joy

Do you agree that you can’t love others, unless you love yourself first? After all, if you don’t feel love, you don’t know love. But, if you think about it, loving who you are is the most wonderful and images1generous thing you can do for yourself and those closest to you. Here’s why. When you feel good and display self-worth, those around you pick up on the positive energy. If you appear to be a fulfilled, satisfied person who is enjoying life, people want to be around you. In other words, when you care about yourself and understand your important value, you express a quality that is both attractive and life enhancing.… CONTINUE READING

Why Do You Think Anger Will Work?

Anger-ManagementYou might think that letting your anger out is better than holding it in, that venting anger is healthy and that your anger is justified when people do you wrong. But the problem is that anger is much more dangerous than you think and that you are actually damaging your health, relationships and overall well-being by expressing your anger at will.

Your angry feelings become a habit, a knee-jerk response for handling life’s indiscretions and ineptitudes and it becomes easy to shout, threaten, intimidate and even get violent to demand that others respect you and your opinions. The impact anger has on your family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, intimate partners and yourself is monumental.… CONTINUE READING

Life is Full of Choices: Be All You Can Be!

“Life has nothing to do with what you are doing and everything to do with what you are being.” (Neale Donald Walsch)

What that means is that you have a choice as to how you are going to be right now. Do you want to be happy, joyful, peaceful, content, secure, loving, silly, compassionate or empowered? It is your choice how you experience “Right Now.”

Even when terrible things happen, there are still choices to be made. You can focus on how to meet the challenge effectively so that you move through it faster, healthier and with the least harmful consequences.… CONTINUE READING

Celebrate Life With a “Dance of Joy”

Stop for a minute to think about all the things you can celebrate about your life. Big or small, there are joyous things happening every minute of every day. Yet, many times you overlook and ignore the joy that stands before you.

Regardless of what’s going on in your life, and there may be many challenges and difficulties, there are still many wonderful things to acknowledge with thanks and gratefulness.

Here are a few to consider. See how many you possess. Even just one will make a difference:

If your health is good, if your bank account is full, if your children are close by and thriving, if you are employed, if you are surrounded by wonderful friends, if you have a beautiful home, if you have a car that works, if you have a terrific spouse, if you have a caring family, if you have strong and loving relationships, if you are able to come and go as you please, if you are free to be you…then you have much to celebrate.… CONTINUE READING