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Be the Real You: Sincerity & Authenticity

I was at a marketing workshop recently and was hoping to learn a lot about internet marketing and relating to your customer. However, I learned the opposite and that was how NOT to connect with your audience.

In fact, the speakers were so bad that they were “performing instead of presenting.” Because of that they lost me to boredom and distraction.

Sincerity and authenticity are two values you really want to convey when dealing with people on a personal and professional level. If what you say seems shallow, insincere, forced or detached, you will never connect on the most important level for communication to happen.… CONTINUE READING

Are Men & Women That Different?

Have you ever thought about how men and women are different? Aside from the obvious, there is a difference between how each gender sees the world. Emotionally, mentally and psychologically, men and women do have differing perspectives on life. That’s one of the primary reasons why misunderstandings, misinterpretations and mistakes are made that can sabotage your relationships. photoHere’s an example (Please keep in mind these are only generalizations):

Women tend to see the world through connections, relationships — as part of a community. That is why a woman’s conversation may be focused on children, family, friendships, careers and the emotional charge behind them.… CONTINUE READING

Domestic Violence: the NFL Needs to Step Up as Role Models

By Amy Sherman, LMHC & Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a timely reminder for the NFL to do the right thing, to forget about the good ol’ boys club and to change social consciousness when it comes to competition, aggression and power.

Aggression has its place when defending our country, suppressing our enemies, thwarting injustices and even while playing football. However, there is no place for aggression within a marriage or intimate relationships.

When you hear that 85 NFL players have been arrested for domestic-related violence and only 11% have received suspensions from the NFL, you have to wonder where the industry’s mindset is – and what their priorities are.… CONTINUE READING

Healthy Arguing: Take The High Road

cd008What if you like to argue! In fact, the most common things people argue about are money, sex, family, work and chores. Sometimes, it’s necessary to argue as a way of setting boundaries and establishing limits in a relationship. If something is very important to you, arguing may be necessary to get your point heard. It allows you to vent and clean the air when things have been built up inside for too long. Plus, yelling is a good release for de-stressing from a hectic day. Ultimately, arguing has some positive benefits and can actually make you feel closer to your partner, by allowing you to understand each other a little better.… CONTINUE READING

The Definition of Success: A New Perspective

Does success mean having more and more? Does it mean owning bigger and better? In reality, success is your perception of what you think you want or need. It is your description of what you can attain out of life.

Success is different for everyone. Some people equate success with happiness; others relate it to things they have and still others associate it with acknowledgment and fame.

Success is often determined by what you have done or achieved and how much contentment, peace of mind and happiness it has brought to you.

Most people do not know what their heart truly wants and that is why it is so difficult feel successful.… CONTINUE READING