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Making a Difference: Be As Proud As a Peacock!

When my son just earned his PhD from The University of Florida in Biomedical Engineering, you can imagine how proud I was, but it was his pride in having accomplished this amazing goal that made it so wonderful and special.  After all, knowing you have succeeded in completing a monumental task and are now being acknowledged for your efforts – that is something to be proud of.

We, baby boomers, have also felt the pride in accomplishing major things, yet the feeling dissipates after a while and we go back to feeling and being ordinary.  Let’s think about this, for a moment. … CONTINUE READING

Domestic Violence Checklist: Break the Cycle of Abuse

Be aware that domestic violence, an insidious, horrendous problem for many women and men around the world happens to 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men.  I ran a domestic abuse program for six years and understand how certain behaviors can destroy the self-esteem and character of those caught in the terrible cycle of abuse. relationshiptalk3final

See if this statement seems familiar:

“I am weak.  You are a witness to my weakness.  You are the cause of my weakness.  I must punish you for seeing this and causing this in me. I will use power to make you suffer, so I will feel stronger. … CONTINUE READING

Challenges for Women Dating Over 40

Anybody getting back in the dating world will find they encounter many challenges. But for women over 40, the challenges are different. After all, things have changed since they were in their 20’s, when life was more carefree and simple. Here are a few of the most common concerns when entering the dating world.

  1. I’m not a size 4. Will anyone be attracted to me? dating_rescue

If you think like this you need to do the inner work to get to a place of confidence and comfort with who you are. There are many women who are not strikingly beautiful, long or lean and yet they are married to wonderful men who love who they are and how they look.… CONTINUE READING

Prosperity: Expand Your Wealth Consciousness

Wouldn’t you want to increase your relationship with money and live comfortably for the rest of your life? Unfortunately, not everyone knows how. However, once you understand the connection between thought and action, prosperity and wealth will be yours to

The first thing to do is watch your conversations with others. Do you complain about “lack” and how things are so awful and difficult? Are your conversations based on toxic negativity and resentments? Realize that if you don’t want it, don’t say it! And always remember that an opportunity exists in all setbacks, so ask yourself, “What is the opportunity in this situation?” Ideally, you want to engage others in topics that support and encourage prosperity, and then believe it a possibility for you, too.… CONTINUE READING

Living With Chronic Illness: Learn to Stay Empowered

With any chronic illness, you need to take charge of your life or you can end up at the mercy of your illness. About 133 million Americans – 1 in 3 – live with at least one chronic illness and they shuffle from doctor to doctor trying to get some relief from the many complications they experience.

Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and cancer, are associated with pain, fatigue, depression and isolation, which impacts how well you function in your daily life.

How, then, can you live well, on your own terms, with your chronic illness?

  1. Understand the problems associated with your illness.