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Living With Chronic Illness: Learn to Stay Empowered

With any chronic illness, you need to take charge of your life or you can end up at the mercy of your illness. About 133 million Americans – 1 in 3 – live with at least one chronic illness and they shuffle from doctor to doctor trying to get some relief from the many complications they experience.

Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and cancer, are associated with pain, fatigue, depression and isolation, which impacts how well you function in your daily life.

How, then, can you live well, on your own terms, with your chronic illness?

  1. Understand the problems associated with your illness.

To Aggravate or Not to Aggravate: That is the Question!

The older you get, the more you should realize how important it is to feel good and live your life in peace and harmony. Therefore, most everything you do should be directed towards increasing your happiness and fulfillment. However, everyone knows that it’s not always possible to stay calm and collected all the time, because things will inevitably get you upset and angry. So, how do you maintain a level “playing field?” You need to ask yourself how skillful you are at de-escalating a conflictphotogreen1 or confrontation so that it doesn’t develop into a full-blown argument? Do you have the wherewithal to create a win-win situation so you don’t have to aggravate?… CONTINUE READING

Mastering Your Life: Why Being Coached is Helpful

You know you have strengths and are resourceful, but you also know you are stuck. You know your life is good overall, but you also know it could be better. In other words, you’re doing well, but something is missing and you just don’t know what.

That is where a coach comes in. The primary role of a coach is to create an atmosphere of growth, either personally, professionally or both. You are capable of handling your own life, but there are certain areas that need some fine-tuning, whether it’s in a new approach, a new goal, or overcoming a specific challenge. CONTINUE READING

Anti-Aging: Don’t Fall Prey to Getting Older

How you feel inside reflects whether or not you will age gracefully.  That’s a heavy statement.  After all, we all want to age with the least amount of attention or surprises.  However, if getting older to you means becoming more fragile, more forgetful and more wrinkled, then you need to look at your expectations and revise them.

Research has shown that attitude has a greater impact on health and longevity than anything else.  In other words, your expectations about what you are capable of determines how much you WILL do as you age.  Your expectations, not chronological age or biology, sets your limits on physical dexterity, strength, intelligence and even on how you look.… CONTINUE READING

Self-Love: The Key to Happiness and Joy

Do you agree that you can’t love others, unless you love yourself first? After all, if you don’t feel love, you don’t know love. But, if you think about it, loving who you are is the most wonderful and images1generous thing you can do for yourself and those closest to you. Here’s why. When you feel good and display self-worth, those around you pick up on the positive energy. If you appear to be a fulfilled, satisfied person who is enjoying life, people want to be around you. In other words, when you care about yourself and understand your important value, you express a quality that is both attractive and life enhancing.… CONTINUE READING