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Posts from ‘September, 2007’

It’s All in the Attitude

Are you able to handle the trials and tribulations of life with effective coping skills that reduce your distress? Some people can–because it’s all in the attitude.

The best example of this happened to my daughter, Nicole, age 25, just this week. As she was walking to her car in the parking lot, a little old lady approached her and asked if she could do her a major favor. Nicole, of course, was somewhat cautious and hesitated, but thought the woman looked harmless (She was about 4’ 11” compared to Nicole at 5’ 9”). Nicole asked what she could do. It seems that the woman missed her bus after leaving a doctor’s appointment and needed a ride to the next bus stop.… CONTINUE READING

Quality of Life and Optimism

We, baby boomers, sometimes become jaded because we’ve been through so much. However, it’s important to realize that the same attention we pay to negative things can be better spent refocusing our thoughts on the positive. There is no point holding on to negative images when they only create more self-doubt, guilt and suffering in our lives. Can we let it go, allowing ourselves to move in the direction of love, compassion and forgiveness? Positive people are able to maintain their focus no matter what the circumstance or situation. They stay optimistic by creating personal stepping stones to help get them past their occasional stumbling blocks.… CONTINUE READING