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Posts from ‘October, 2008’

The Law of Attraction is Always Working

It feels good to feel good. Yet, if I wake up in the morning and say, “Today’s going to be a lousy day, because the boss is back from vacation,” I already laid out the day’s events. It’s like I preprogrammed a miserable day, and it’s no shock to find out the day is exactly as I expected. I used words and their feelings to solidify how the Law of Attraction works.

The Law of Attraction answers your thoughts and the feelings behind the words by giving you exactly what you are requesting and offers you more of the same. Therefore, it is important to focus on what you want, rather than on what you don’t want.… CONTINUE READING

Baby Boomers are Positive People

I sometimes feel jaded because I’ve been through so much. However, it’s important to realize that the same attention I pay to negative things can be better spent refocusing my thoughts on the positive. There is no point holding on to negative images when they only create more self-doubt, guilt and suffering in my life. Therefore, I try to let it go, allowing myself to move in the direction of love, compassion and forgiveness. Plus, I model what “naturally positive people” would do. Positive people are able to maintain their focus no matter what the circumstance or situation. They stay optimistic by creating personal stepping-stones to help get them past their occasional stumbling blocks.… CONTINUE READING

Domestic Abuse Red Flags

We go through life establishing many relationships, some good and some bad. Yet, we all want the same thing –to love and be loved for who we are. Why, then, are so many people, young and old, male and female in critically unhealthy, abusive relationships and unable to break free? October is Domestic Abuse Awareness Month and I feel it is important to address the red flags that are potentially dangerous symptoms of this kind of relationship.

Be on the alert if you notice these behaviors:
1. Excessive possessiveness and jealousy is a controlling feature to keep you isolated from others and under their influence.… CONTINUE READING