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Posts from ‘December, 2008’

Coping With Job Loss

I was reading in the paper today that the stress of job loss and financial turmoil is taking its toll on people. More and more individuals are seeking support from agencies or private therapists to help them cope during these difficult and challenges times. As bad as this is for younger adults, it is equally as difficult for the baby boomers who will be retiring soon. What if you lose your job before then? What if your company is down-sizing because of the economy and your specific job causes you to be laid off? What do you do?

Recognize that you are experiencing the loss of a way of life and the security it provided.… CONTINUE READING

My Favorite Things for the Holidays and Beyond

With the holidays around the corner, I bet many of you are at a loss as to what to get your dear friends and family. I always like to give things that have a special meaning and that would have lasting results. Here is my list of favorite things.

1. For all your single friends, there is a great book called, “Stop Looking and Let Love Find You! (19.00). This step-by-step workbook provides methods and tools designed to help singles become emotionally ready to meet the love of their lives. Go to

2. For your fun-loving boomer friends, go to and purchase the board game which has its goal of achieving Inner Peace, by mastering Life Experiences, Health and Assets ($29.99)