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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

The Aging Brain

The New York Times recently published an article about research on the aging brain. I have always known that if you keep yourself
mentally alert, you can preserve your cognitive sharpness and mental acuity. It has been suggested that if you learn a new language, do crossword
puzzles, play Sudoku and other challenging games, you will be able to slow down the risk of getting dementia. brain1However, this new research is taking it a step further.

Apparently, not only is it important to use your mind, but it is even more important to do so in a social setting. The University of Southern California has been researching a group of residents in Laguna Woods, who are active and self-sufficient, even though these elders are well into their 90’s.… CONTINUE READING

8 Helpful Baby Boomer Tips

Many boomers are inching their way closer to retirement and are concerned about how to handle the rest of their lives. Here are 8 things to consider today, as it gets closer to that phase of your life:

1. There’s more to life than money. Make sure you are having fun and enjoying this stage as it leads to your retirement. Laugh, smile, play and be silly. When you retire, with new freedoms and great potential, you will carry with you this great attitude for enjoyment.

2. Set exciting goals. Do you want to travel to Europe, learn how to ski or write your first novel?… CONTINUE READING