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Posts from ‘September, 2009’

Life is Too Short to Stay Angry

Life is so precious. Then why do we waste so much time doing things that are harmful to us? Most people I meet say that all they want is to be happy and to live a peaceful life. However, we all know how difficult that can be. After all, things happen that annoy, frustrate and hurt us. We have the right to get angry. But if you’re the type who gets angry at all sorts of difficulties, you may want to find an alternative way of behaving. In fact, anger can do terrible things to your mind and body.

By staying angry, you are not letting yourself be forgiving.… CONTINUE READING

Independent Living for the Elderly

How lucky we are to be independent, active people, still in the prime of our lives. But one day, as we get older, we may have to deal with the dilemma my husband and I are now facing. We just took his mom to visit an independent living facility this week. I’m doing research for my mom, too, as they are both elderly. My mom (87), while still very active, gave up driving because of her macular degeneration. My mother-in-law (90) has difficulty getting around and uses a walker to shuffle through her 2000 square foot home. The question my husband and I are asking is, “When is the right time for them to move into these facilities?”

elderlyBoth women are independent, so at this point, they need no assistance.… CONTINUE READING