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Posts from ‘January, 2010’

Pets Help Boomers Fill Empty Nest

Are baby boomers going crazy? They’re sending their pets to spas and resorts that offer massages, spa baths, suites with TVs and shopping sprees!

No, they are not losing their minds. Pets are no longer something to keep chained up outside or in a doghouse, but rather they are considered treasured members of our families. They are like our kids, only lower maintenance and more cooperative. They are a genuine part of the household, sharing eating, sleeping and family vacations.

Pets are so significant, that when our “real” kids leave home for college or to start their own lives, it is our pets that fill the empty nest and emotional void.… CONTINUE READING

From Panic to Peace

There’s a wonderful relaxation technique I like to use when my life appears to be spiraling out of control. All it takes is a simple positive, personal phrase to refocus my attention on my competence, capability and potential for restoring my healthy perspective again.

The exhausting demands of family and work, the grueling stretches of disappointments and setbacks and the reality of a disturbing economy can easily set us all in a tail spin. However, this technique can rewire your brain to reduce the anxiety and alter the flow of your body.

relaxation2Plus, it is effective for everyone. Herbert Benson, MD, director emeritus of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine in Boston, prescribes this relaxation technique to his patients to reduce everyday stress and worry.… CONTINUE READING