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Posts from ‘February, 2010’

Exploring Native Remedies

A growing number of people are becoming more interested in alternative treatments for their ailments than traditional medicines. For some, they have not obtained the results they hoped for with more traditional medical approaches. For others, they feel strongly that natural remedies are more effective. Whatever you feel, be sure to research your options thoroughly so you don’t get caught up in ineffective claims and put yourself at risk.

Recent research is showing that natural vitamins and supplements increase the body’s ability to ward of illness and reduce pain. New scientific discoveries from nature are being made into treatments for pain and other medical conditions with great success.… CONTINUE READING

Are You Born an Optimist?

Even though sustained negativity is toxic and bad for your health, many people are still more intrinsically pessimistic than optimistic. Are you, therefore, born with a propensity for pessimism or can you develop the mindset of an optimist?

Apparently, you learn many attitudinal patterns from your parents and become wired toward a certain direction. However, there’s a lot of learning you can do to take control of your outlook on life and keep the pendulum swinging in a more optimistic course.

Some people try lifestyle changes, like meditation, relaxation, and yoga exercises to keep their perspective upbeat and focused on the sunnier side of the spectrum.… CONTINUE READING