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Posts from ‘October, 2010’

Thanks and Appreciation

Just because you’re mature and wise, it doesn’t mean you should take this wonderful life for granted. When something nice happens to you, how do you show your appreciation? Do you just ignore it or do you make an effort to be appreciative to the person involved?
Showing appreciation is a social art that is worth the effort to learn or even expand. Your appreciation doesn’t have to be big. Sincere words of thanks cost you very little, but will mean the world to the person receiving it. This would motivate them to continue doing what they are doing and you both wind up winning.… CONTINUE READING

Be Aware of Domestic Violence

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a reminder that we must attend to this insidious, horrendous problem for many women and men around the world. I ran a domestic abuse program for six years and understand how certain behaviors can destroy the self-esteem and character of those caught in the terrible cycle of abuse.

See if this statement resonates on some level:

“I am weak. You are a witness to my weakness. You are the cause of my weakness. I must punish you for seeing this and causing this in me. I will use power to make you suffer, so I will feel stronger.… CONTINUE READING