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Posts from ‘December, 2010’

Use the New Year to Count Your “Miracles”

new-years-resolutionLife is truly a miracle… but only if you perceive it that way. Why do I say this? Because every day things happen that go against the norm and reveal themselves to be totally amazing and unexpected.

When you consider how many awesome things happen daily – your loved one brings home flowers, you run into an old friend you were just thinking about, your presentation was delivered perfectly – then you’ll know that “miracles” are always happening.

My New Year’s Resolution this year is to notice the little occurrences that are truly special and even extraordinary and acknowledge them. I don’t want to waste time dwelling on the bad stuff.… CONTINUE READING

Empowerment, Boomer-Style

Empowerment is one of those words that’s often tossed around, but few really understand what it fully entails. Those who have attained a sense of empowerment feel strengthened and enriched in their life. But, until you grasp the essence of what it means to be empowered, it’s hard to understand how truly important it is in every baby boomer’s life – and why it should be one of your primary goals.empowered-women

Consider empowerment to be an individual process, a personal path or journey you must take in order to be self-fulfilled. Empowerment allows you to make healthy choices, because you are looking out for your own best interest.… CONTINUE READING