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Posts from ‘November, 2011’

Addiction on the Rise Among Baby Boomers

Who would have thought that addiction would be affecting baby boomers at this stage of their lives? But it has. Approximately four million Americans nearing retirement age have a substance abuse problem. How did this happen?

Boomers, who have responsibilities caring for their elderly parents, are dealing with their own health issues, perhaps raising teens, experiencing the empty nest, divorce or other losses are feeling so overwhelmed that their lives have spiraled out of control.

Can a little drink or two be so bad? It can if it becomes something you depend on to get you through the night. Or have you become addicted to your prescribed medication for pain or anxiety?… CONTINUE READING

Aging: Turn Your Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones

It’s strange how, when you least expect it, your life is redirected because of a chance meeting. As a mental health professional, I do many groups, seminars, workshops and presentations that put me in touch with many people. This particular time, was different, however, because it actually changed my life.

images-1Several years ago, I spoke to a group of women on Managing Life’s Transitions and a well-groomed, attractive woman came up to me after my presentation. She, too, is a lecturer, but she speaks on nutrition and health. She said she just returned from a lecture tour around Europe. She has a master’s degree in Nutritional Science and was back in school for another master’s in Psychology.… CONTINUE READING