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Posts from ‘April, 2012’

Empty Nest All Over Again

Some boomers are past the empty nest syndrome by many years, yet others may be in the midst of it right now. Whichever you can relate to, there are probably moments when nostalgia and sadness creep in, leaving you feeling at a loss.

img_1367This happened to me recently. My husband, Rob and I, took a trip to a state park we used to go to when the kids were young. As a family, we would hike, bike, picnic and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, as it was a haven for many birds and mammals. While Rob and I had a great time taking pictures and biking through the lush hammock, we couldn’t help but remember what we did with the kids so many years ago.… CONTINUE READING

Finding Your True Direction and Purpose

Where did the time go? It seems just yesterday my son was playing in little league and my daughter was taking ballet lessons. I used to be the young woman with little kids and now I’m Ma’am or getting into the movies on a senior pass.

My tiny kitten is now a full-grown cat, my small palm tree towers over the house and my new roof is about nine years old. It’s depressing to think that time continues to move on and the years keep passing without being able to stop it.

distress-free1But even as I keep aging and tearing the calendar pages off the wall, I wouldn’t change a thing.… CONTINUE READING

Are You Forgetful?

While many baby boomers complain that they are becoming more and more forgetful, for most of us, it is a common condition of aging. Our ability to concentrate gradually reduces with age and we therefore don’t pay attention to what we are doing, hearing or seeing.

Of course, most boomers are concerned about getting Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. In fact, fifty percent of people in their 80’s will experience some cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s is often over-diagnosed as the culprit.

There are many reasons why we forget. Here is a list of some causes discussed on WebMD: 2521811155_56ef50a391_s