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Posts from ‘June, 2012’

A Boomer’s Secret to Success

There is more to life than planning for retirement. It’s really about making good choices and living life to the fullest. It’s about making a promise to yourself to discover the joyous secrets that will change the rest of your life. Here are some steps to follow that will make the process easier:

1. Review your overall attitude by examining your thoughts. Do you express your limitations, fears, inhibitions and self-defeating thoughts often and find yourself affirming the worst that can happen? Notice when bad things happen and what you say during the course of the scenario. For instance, if you get into a car accident, is the first thing you say, “It’s only a car and I can get it fixed.… CONTINUE READING

When You Lose Your Job

You’ve spent many years building your career and establishing a place in the corporate world and feel secure about your future and the future of your family. But what happens when it ends abruptly behind the euphemism of downsizing, reorganization, job redundancy or recession and you find yourself in your forties, fifties or even sixties without a job?

This is obviously a major blow to your ego and fragile self-esteem. The reality is that you are no longer identified by your job since your job defined who you were. Then there’s the loss in your way of life and the security it brings.… CONTINUE READING