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Posts from ‘April, 2013’

Adjusting to Midlife’s Unforeseen Challenges

Although there are many things in your lifetime you can get ready for (marriage, pregnancy, empty nest, retirement), no events are really predictable. Many unforeseen challenges and hurdles will be thrust upon you and you have to adjust to each the best that you can.

How can you do that? The first thing that you can do is face the facts. Are you a grandparent raising your grandkids? Are you in-between jobs, and painfully disappointed in your available options? Are you just finding out that your unwed daughter is pregnant? Are you responsible for the care of your elderly parent with dementia?… CONTINUE READING

A Daily Dose of Stress Relief

Everyone gets stressed out, especially if there is a lot going on in your life. The key to reducing your stress, is applying several strategies on a daily basis.

Don’t underestimate the power of the following exercises. While simple to follow, their impact can be enormously powerful for alleviating the stress and overwhelm you may be experiencing.

1. Talk to a trusted friend
Take an inventory of those people you can trust who can assist you with support, encouragement and honest feedback. Choose a support system of caring friends, co-workers, relatives, etc to strengthen you, to challenge you and to attentively listen to your needs.… CONTINUE READING