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Posts from ‘September, 2013’

A Simple Thank You Will Do

Just because you’re an adult, mature and wise, it doesn’t mean you should take this wonderful life for granted. When something great happens to you, how do you show your appreciation? Do you just ignore it or do you make an effort to be appreciative to the person involved?

photo1Showing appreciation is a social art that is worth the effort to learn or even expand. Your appreciation doesn’t have to be big. Sincere words of thanks cost you very little, but will mean the world to the person receiving it. This would motivate them to continue doing what they are doing and you both wind up winning.… CONTINUE READING

Difference Between Anger and Bitterness

There are so many emotions you can experience and so many feelings to express. Hopefully, the negative ones are fleeting and the positive ones strengthen and renew you daily. Unfortunately, people will hurt you and do things that will be unfair, causing you to feel anger, frustration and resentment. These feelings may be longstanding and hard to release.

Why does this happen? photo2

Anger is something most people are familiar with, but the concern is not to let it fester where there is a risk you become bitter. You may be angry, but bitterness is something you carry with you at all times.… CONTINUE READING

After the Kids Leave, What’s Next?

The kids are off to college or out in the world making their first real money. You’ve done a great job getting them ready for adulthood and can now breathe a sigh of relief. However, as happy as you may be for them, it’s still sad that they are gone and the sense of loss may be overwhelming.

Even more challenging than the feelings of your home becoming an empty nest, is what to do with all your new-found time. You and your spouse are alone, together, and this transition in your life may bring up some deep-seated problems that may not have surfaced until now.… CONTINUE READING