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Posts from ‘October, 2013’

Create What You Truly Want

We are all familiar with the Law of Attraction, but not all of us believe the tenets of this Universal Law. That’s because we’ve tried it, and it didn’t work. Basically, we probably didn’t do it right or weren’t able to maintain the faith and belief that it will work. We needed to believe that we can create what we want, but without the right “instructions”, we wound up getting just the opposite.

The problem is that the subconscious mind is resistant to change because it works on repetition or what it is used to. If your thoughts have been consistently expressing doubt, lack, insecurity and fear, that is your dominant thought and the energy actually creates just that.… CONTINUE READING

Are Your Boundaries Compromised?

In support of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I am writing this article to bring insight into a subtle, but manipulative ploy used by many abusive people — and that is overstepping another’s boundaries. Healthy adults know how to set limits. They understand when they become too intrusive and are aware when they are being too invasive. They pay close attention to the cues from others and are able to maintain a healthy balance in their relationships and interactions with other individuals. They are also willing to make the necessary changes so that their relationships remain strong, satisfying and equal.

However, sometimes people are not so intuitive.… CONTINUE READING

Be Prepared For Surgery

At some point in the future, you will probably need to have surgery or some medical procedure that may arise or be elected by choice. Would you be prepared? Studies show that patients who prepare themselves for surgery heal faster, experience less pain, have fewer complications and speedier recovery time. How do you keep the anxiety of surgery down so you experience a calmer, more positive surgical procedure?

1. Learn to relax yourself. Naturally, before any procedure, your nervous system becomes unbalanced and stressed. You need to settle down so that your system can create a more helpful way of performing that works for you, not against you.… CONTINUE READING