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Posts from ‘July, 2014’

The Definition of Success: A New Perspective

Does success mean having more and more? Does it mean owning bigger and better? In reality, success is your perception of what you think you want or need. It is your description of what you can attain out of life.

Success is different for everyone. Some people equate success with happiness; others relate it to things they have and still others associate it with acknowledgment and fame.

Success is often determined by what you have done or achieved and how much contentment, peace of mind and happiness it has brought to you.

Most people do not know what their heart truly wants and that is why it is so difficult feel successful.… CONTINUE READING

How to Be Happy, Really! podcast

Are you worrying about tomorrow and forgetting to live for today?

The trouble with projecting too far in the future is that today never looks good enough because you’re always waiting for something better to come along.

How long are you going to wait for life to be just right?

While you’re waiting to be happy, you’re depriving yourself of living right now. Each moment of each day, life is renewing itself, bringing with it exciting beginnings.

When you realize that your life is perfect, right now, your awareness increases and each present moment becomes a gift of time to live fully and completely.… CONTINUE READING