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Posts from ‘December, 2015’

Feeling Good: A Blueprint for Reaching Your Goals

   img_11111The New Year brings on new energy, new commitments and new goals for many boomers. This means a resurgence of excitement and renewal in body, mind and spirit. Often, boomers decide to go on diets, clean out their closets, begin exercise programs and make other changes that improve and enhance their lives for the better. 

What they don’t do is keep the momentum going so that it lasts more than a few months. Does this sound like you? Do you want to make your life better, but fall short after it seems too hard, too tedious or too much work?

What steps can you take to permanently reach your goals?… CONTINUE READING

How to Gain Self-Awareness: The Key to Personal Growth

It is important to be self-aware because without it, behaviors are repeated over and over again with the same result.  By understanding different strategies and available options, you can choose what is most appropriate, and more important, what you are willing to do to reach your desired goal.

Change cannot happen if your behavior is self-sabotaging or self-defeating and is perpetuating the situation  you want to change.  An understanding, for instance, that it is difficult and uncomfortable to meet your Mr. Right at the local bar, may get you to brainstorm other venues less intimidating and more “genuine” for your personality, ie: sporting events, bookstores, political meetings, gardening classes or civic organizations.  … CONTINUE READING