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Posts from ‘September, 2016’

Children at Risk: Witnessing Domestic Violence

Any violence is bad, but witnessing violence towards someone you rely on for your safety and care is horrific.  Children who live in a household with someone being emotionally or physically abused will no doubt be left with psychological scars commonly seen in traumatized individuals. Children could experience cognitive impairment, developmental delays and serious behavioral problems with long term exposure.restoring harmony at home

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and it’s a good time to bring awareness of an insidious crime that so many men and women are guilty of.  Failure to protect is a serious offense in many states.  The problem is that many women, for instance, caught in this situation are helpless to protect themselves. … CONTINUE READING

Toxic People: How to Deal with Energy Zappers

You all know people who deplete your energy, leaving you exhausted, riddled with guilt or stressed.  When you are with them, you become drained and worn out.  These people are toxic and can be selfish, nasty, jealous, inconsiderate, narcissistic and abusive.  There are several things you can do so you maintain your energy level and your personal power, and not let these caustic people overwhelm you.

Keep energy zappers away

Keep energy zappers away

  1. You must first be aware of who they are and how they make you feel. Notice if you feel sick or get a tight feeling in your stomach when you see them.