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Posts from ‘November, 2016’

The Journey to Life Satisfaction in Midlife

It’s been suggested that people sixty-five or older are happier than those in their forties, fifties and early sixties.  It seems that younger people are more materialistic, which seems to add to their unhappiness and dissatisfaction.  The strong need to “own” things and to want more than they already have is a source of continual aggravation and misery.IMG_2455

However, you may be saying that you’re not really worried about “things” as much as you are about securing your future retirement years, about caring for your aging parents, about keeping your current job till retirement and about maintaining your physical health. … CONTINUE READING

Grandparents: How to Keep Your Grandchildren Close

When divorce enters a family, everyone is affected.  Sometimes the impact on grandparents is overlooked amidst the turmoil involving parents and children. But the affect can be devastating for grandparents who want to help and also stay in the lives of the children they love.Stay close to grandkids

Grandparents often ask me, “How do I help and stay close to my grandkids when we are geographically separated?”

You do that by maintaining and strengthening the relationship you already have. Here are some ways you can stay in the lives of your grandchildren despite the distance between you.

  1. Create a special Journal of activities that you can share with your grandchildren.