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Baby Boomers’ Network – Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are the biggest mistakes boomers should avoid?

One of the biggest mistakes is self-sabotage. Boomers tend to sabotage themselves by their negative thinking, worry and fear. How can you achieve what you want when you are fearing your failure or doubting your potential? Another big mistake is taking life too seriously. Laughter and humor are free commodities that diffuse negativity, boost your immune system and reduce stress. Many people forget how important it is to laugh and have fun.

2. What is the most important thing boomer women should know to keep them motivated and inspired?

Boomer women need to remind themselves of their own significance and value. As they age, their roles will change, but they can reinvent themselves at each stage of their lives, by making new and exciting goals that are based on their passions. Women need to know that anything is possible if they keep their focus on what they want, because everyone deserves to feel satisfaction and fulfillment.

3. What is our greatest challenge?

There are many, but one of the biggest is how to deal with our aging parents, while we’re still raising our kids and trying to fit it all in after working full time. Other challenges include maintain our current standard of living after retirement and dealing with the increase cost of health care/prescription drugs.

4. What strategies can we use to de-stress our lives?

Designate jobs to others so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. We don’t have to do everything, because there’s lots of help available when you ask. Also, make sure you have time for yourself by meditating, doing yoga, exercising, reading, etc. We all deserve some me-time.

5. How do men and women cope differently?

In general, women are more emotional, more sensitive and more in touch with their feelings. Because of that, women will participate in more self-help workshops, which gives them greater insight and skills to cope with their challenges. Women tend to be open to alternative ways of thinking and behaving, just because they are natural nurturers and mediators, always trying to smooth things over and foster cooperation. Obviously, there are many men who also share these same qualities.

6. How is “Distress-Free Aging” different than other inspirational books?

This book addresses the specific issues and concerns boomers face and how they can overcome them. It does this by examining the fears, self-defeating thoughts, inhibitions and doubts that keep boomers from reaching their full potential. The 10 strategies are reinforced by exercises at the end of each chapter and are enriched with valuable anecdotes, helping boomers take personal control and responsibility for their lives.

7. What does the concept of self-love really mean?

Self-love is the ability to nurture yourself as you would any valuable, deserving, lovable person you know. It is being able to focus on your positive characteristics and talents, appreciate what you have and understand your worth as a person. Self-love ties in with self-esteem. The more you care about yourself, the stronger your sense of self and the healthier your emotional well-being.

8. How can we age gracefully?

Aging doesn’t have to mean you’re “over the hill”, but rather you are wiser, more confident, more resilient and more content than ever before. It’s all in one’s perspective. If you believe that nothing is going to stop you from fulfilling your dreams, from living your life with joy and hope, then you will be better prepared to tackle the trials and tribulations that come your way, as you transition through midlife.

9. Why are boomers considered the gloomiest of all generations?

Baby boomers are realizing that they may outlive their nest egg. Financial researchers are reporting that most boomers do not have the strategies in place to secure that their money will last beyond the 20-30 years they are expected to live after retirement. With that being said, many boomers are looking to reinvent themselves by starting new careers, going back to school and following their passions.

10. How can I achieve peace of mind in this second half of my life?

Peace of mind is acquired. Look over your life and all that you have done. Examine your accomplishments, all the people you have helped, your many talents, the choices you have made, both good and bad, and acknowledge that you have much to be grateful for. You really need to look inside for the key to your inner peace and know that you have contributed much to others and are valued by others as well. This should give you a sense of overwhelming pride, satisfaction and peace.