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**NEW** Break The Procrastination Cycle
Change your habit of postponing undesirable tasks by learning the skills to break the cycle.

Acceptable and Unacceptable Ways of Behaving Around Your Teens
Learn the best ways to handle the challenges of parenting your teens.

Empowerment Assessment Chart
How do you regain your autonomy, so that you once again feel empowered, strong and focused?.

12 Ways to Handle Difficult People
Learn 12 essential ways to handle difficult people in your life.

FREE List of Stress-Relieving Activities
Keep this list handy for 75 different activities to relieve or reduce your daily stress.

FREE Wellness Wheel
Review the many parts that keep you well-rounded and feeling whole. Identity how important each part is and then examine those areas of your life that need extra attention.

FREE Time Management Chart
Organize your day by prioritizing activities in order of importance with this simple time management chart.

FREE Introduction to “Distress-Free Aging: A Boomer’s Guide to Creating A Fulfilled and Purposeful Life.”
Get inspired when you read the introduction to “Distress-Free Aging.” You’ll realize that the power to make changes comes from within and that we all have the potential to be living our dreams.

FREE Special Report: “Should Baby Boomers Delay Retirement and Work Longer?” by Amy Sherman
Learn valuable information about when to retire and how to secure your nest egg.. Timely facts and statistics every baby boomer should know.

Heart of the Midwest Vol. I
Heart of the Midwest: Leading Health Experts unite to inspire and empower others to face their own personal health battles and come out victorious.