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Baby Boomer Concerns

 What kind of emotional mistakes do boomers often make?mature couple hugging

 There are several.  One important mistake is forgetting to have a good time and enjoying all life has to offer.  Many boomers are taking life too seriously. Not only does it affect how people relate to you, but it also affects how you feel.  Laughter and humor are tools to diffuse negativity and to boost your immune system. It’s an easy way to de-stress and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Another thing to be aware of is how often you sabotage yourself through your negative thinking, worry or even fear.  How can you achieve what you want when you are fearing your failure or doubting your potential?  Become aware of your self-talk and trust that with determination, commitment and belief in yourself, you can get past any challenge.  Just don’t give up.

I’m in my 60’s.  Is it too late for me to find myself?

 With the kids grown and out of the house, it is finally your time to sit down and reevaluate what you would like the rest of your life to look like. Aging doesn’t have to mean you’re “over the hill”, but rather you are wiser, more confident, more resilient and more content than ever before.  It’s all in one’s perspective.  If you believe that now is the time to live your dreams, to your life with joy and hope, then you will be more inspired to explore your options and then go for it.  Set new goals that are based on your passions.  Anything is possible if you keep your focus on what you want because you deserve to be satisfied and fulfilled.

Why are baby boomers considered the gloomiest of all generations?

 Baby boomers are realizing that they may outlive their nest egg.  Financial researchers are reporting that most boomers do not have the strategies in place to secure that their money will last beyond the 20-30 years they are expected to live after retirement.  With that being said, many boomers are looking to reinvent themselves by starting new careers, going back to school and following their passions.

How can I achieve peace of mind in this second half of my life?

 Peace of mind is acquired.  Look over your life and all that you have done.  Examine your accomplishments, all the people you have helped, your many talents, the choices you have made, both good and bad, and acknowledge that you have much to be grateful for.  You really need to look inside for the key to your inner peace and know that you have contributed much to others and are valued by others as well.  This should give you a sense of overwhelming pride, satisfaction and peace.



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