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Change Your Story, Change Your Life

What are you telling yourself about why your life is the way it is?  Does it sound like some of the following:

  1. I am too old, so what can I do now to improve my life?
  2. There must be something wrong with me.  Otherwise, things would have turned out better.
  3. I always make the wrong decisions and suffer the consequences later.
  4. Everyone seems to have a happier life.  What are they doing that I’m not doing?
  5.  Why should I even bother?

Apparently, it may be comfortable for you to expect things to turn out badly, since you have that kind of track record.  It’s also because you have that kind of mindset. So if you change your story, you will actually change your life.

Here are some refreshing things you can now tell yourself about where your life is at:

  1. I am not financially stable  because I keep doing the same things, expecting different results.  I need to look outside the box for other ways to increase my income and secure my well-being.
  2. I have not always been successful, but if I persevere and reinvent myself by doing things I love doing, I will succeed.
  3. I am not desperate so I have time to explore new venues, learn new ideas and be open to new suggestions.

The dialogue you keep repeating in your head is not always the most constructive. Ditch what you are used to saying and turn on your Living Compass or your “intuition.”  Hone in on what you really want to be experiencing  and really want to feel . Then be grateful that you learned this lesson now, and not ten years from now, when your inner dialogue would be, “I wish I had….”




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