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The Despair of Family Estrangement

I recently had the opportunity to meet a wonderful woman who wrote an inspiring novel about love and forgiveness, called Former Things. So many families are broken apart because they
are estranged from their loved ones.

Here is a brief interview with the author, Gail Lowe:

Q: What inspired you to write a novel on the subject of family estrangement?

A: After raising and educating our only daughter – a baby my husband and I adopted from Korea – she made the decision to reject her entire family for reasons unknown to us. We haven’t seen her for 12 years, and her absence has left a huge void in our lives.… CONTINUE READING

Women Dating Over 40 and the 99 Series Launch

99 Things Women Wish They Knew Before Dating after 40, 50, and Yes, 60! is about to be launched digitally as part of the pioneering The 99 Series of books. The launch begins with Sony and The Home Shopping Network!

This is great news for everyone who loves to read, learn and grow because the topics available are of great value – especially to women! My new Dating over 40 book, co-authored with Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, is available alone or as part of the 10-Pack Gift Set. datewomen3d
The Series encompasses a roster of inspiring, personal and business development books that have ninety-nine tips in each book, all in a pocket size format that contains the best “need to know” information.… CONTINUE READING

An Interview with a Survivor of PTSD

I had an opportunity to ask Lady Cerelli, the author of My Journey to Peace with PTSD, some questions about her personal experience and her fascinating answers are below.

Why did you write this book?
Why is any book written? This book wrote itself: first as a sequence of traumas; second as a look at the changes after the traumas and how I was set up for the rape in the military; third as a counselor so others may see what PTSD looks like from the inside as well as on the outside. Most importantly, it helped me to heal. It was a matter of doing the homework I gave to my clients.… CONTINUE READING

Rock Star Mommy, a Boomer Inspiration

Talk about following your passion! Judy Davids chronicles her experience as a music fan, a mother and the leader of a rock band, in her new book, “Rock Star Mommy, My Life as a Rocker Mom”. At 42 years old, Judy decided that there’s no time like the present to follow her passion. She taught herself guitar, commissioned some of her friends and founded the Mydols. Judy says that everybody has a story to be told and a dream to realize! This is an inspiring tale of creativity, compassion and the search for fulfillment.

Learn more about Judy

1. What advice do you have for other potential rocker moms?… CONTINUE READING