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Children at Risk: Witnessing Domestic Violence

Any violence is bad, but witnessing violence towards someone you rely on for your safety and care is horrific.  Children who live in a household with someone being emotionally or physically abused will no doubt be left with psychological scars commonly seen in traumatized individuals. Children could experience cognitive impairment, developmental delays and serious behavioral problems with long term exposure.restoring harmony at home

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and it’s a good time to bring awareness of an insidious crime that so many men and women are guilty of.  Failure to protect is a serious offense in many states.  The problem is that many women, for instance, caught in this situation are helpless to protect themselves. … CONTINUE READING

Domestic Violence Checklist: Break the Cycle of Abuse

Be aware that domestic violence, an insidious, horrendous problem for many women and men around the world happens to 1 in 5 women and 1 in 7 men.  I ran a domestic abuse program for six years and understand how certain behaviors can destroy the self-esteem and character of those caught in the terrible cycle of abuse. relationshiptalk3final

See if this statement seems familiar:

“I am weak.  You are a witness to my weakness.  You are the cause of my weakness.  I must punish you for seeing this and causing this in me. I will use power to make you suffer, so I will feel stronger. … CONTINUE READING

Domestic Violence: the NFL Needs to Step Up as Role Models

By Amy Sherman, LMHC & Rosalind Sedacca, CCT

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a timely reminder for the NFL to do the right thing, to forget about the good ol’ boys club and to change social consciousness when it comes to competition, aggression and power.

Aggression has its place when defending our country, suppressing our enemies, thwarting injustices and even while playing football. However, there is no place for aggression within a marriage or intimate relationships.

When you hear that 85 NFL players have been arrested for domestic-related violence and only 11% have received suspensions from the NFL, you have to wonder where the industry’s mindset is – and what their priorities are.… CONTINUE READING

Are Your Boundaries Compromised?

In support of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I am writing this article to bring insight into a subtle, but manipulative ploy used by many abusive people — and that is overstepping another’s boundaries. Healthy adults know how to set limits. They understand when they become too intrusive and are aware when they are being too invasive. They pay close attention to the cues from others and are able to maintain a healthy balance in their relationships and interactions with other individuals. They are also willing to make the necessary changes so that their relationships remain strong, satisfying and equal.

However, sometimes people are not so intuitive.… CONTINUE READING

How Do You Know Your Relationship is Emotionally Abusive?

Whether you are married for 30 years or seeing someone for a year, you may not realize that the relationship could be abusive. What do I mean by abusive? If someone makes you feel intimidated, manipulated, coerced, threatened or degraded that means you are caught in the insidious tentacles of domestic abuse.

October is National Domestic Abuse Month and one in five women or one in seven men are “stuck” in a relationship that makes them feel less than who they are. So how do you know you are not one of them? Here are the signs:

1. Do you have to account for where you have been, who you are with or how much money you spend and report it to your partner?… CONTINUE READING