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After the Kids Leave, What’s Next?

The kids are off to college or out in the world making their first real money. You’ve done a great job getting them ready for adulthood and can now breathe a sigh of relief. However, as happy as you may be for them, it’s still sad that they are gone and the sense of loss may be overwhelming.

Even more challenging than the feelings of your home becoming an empty nest, is what to do with all your new-found time. You and your spouse are alone, together, and this transition in your life may bring up some deep-seated problems that may not have surfaced until now.… CONTINUE READING

Empty Nest All Over Again

Some boomers are past the empty nest syndrome by many years, yet others may be in the midst of it right now. Whichever you can relate to, there are probably moments when nostalgia and sadness creep in, leaving you feeling at a loss.

img_1367This happened to me recently. My husband, Rob and I, took a trip to a state park we used to go to when the kids were young. As a family, we would hike, bike, picnic and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, as it was a haven for many birds and mammals. While Rob and I had a great time taking pictures and biking through the lush hammock, we couldn’t help but remember what we did with the kids so many years ago.… CONTINUE READING

Empty-Nest Again

Little did I know that I’d be going through the empty nest syndrome all over again. I managed to pull through it when my son went off to college and then again when my daughter moved into her own apartment 12 miles from home about 6 years ago. It’s always hardest when your youngest leaves. No longer is your baby there for dinner or on the weekends to go shopping or to just hang out. My daughter became an adult, ready to spread her wings and be on her own.

The transition was difficult at first, as it is for most parents, who are close with their kids, but I always knew she was a phone call away and only just a half hour by car.… CONTINUE READING

You and Your Grown Children

If you are an empty nester or soon to be one, your relationship with your grown children should be a number one priority. After all, you don’t see them all the time, as they are on their own or out of the house. Your children are becoming responsible adults, and your guidance and support may not be as needed or as necessary as before, yet your caring and concern still counts.

You are still their parents and therefore, you want the best for them. However, there are boundaries that need to be set so that your children do not overstep the limits of your help and become abusive and manipulative.… CONTINUE READING

Pets Help Boomers Fill Empty Nest

Are baby boomers going crazy? They’re sending their pets to spas and resorts that offer massages, spa baths, suites with TVs and shopping sprees!

No, they are not losing their minds. Pets are no longer something to keep chained up outside or in a doghouse, but rather they are considered treasured members of our families. They are like our kids, only lower maintenance and more cooperative. They are a genuine part of the household, sharing eating, sleeping and family vacations.

Pets are so significant, that when our “real” kids leave home for college or to start their own lives, it is our pets that fill the empty nest and emotional void.… CONTINUE READING