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Long Term Care Costs: It’s Time to Talk

(Guest Post) iQuote by Longevity Alliance

There are just some topics people don’t like to talk about. You know, the head down, makes you look for the closest exit kind of conversations. Unfortunately, for many people long term care is such a topic.

It is really hard to think about a time when you can’t take care of yourself–when you need to rely on others for help with the basics of everyday living.
But it’s better to think and plan in advance; than to wonder what you are going to do in the midst of a health crisis that then turns into a financial crisis.… CONTINUE READING

Finding Solutions to the Elder Care Blues

(Guest Post) iQuote by Longevity Alliance

As a baby boomer do any of these comments sound familiar:

“The kids are okay, it’s my parents who I need to help. I never saw this coming.”
“The call came that my Mom had a stroke and was in the hospital. I flew to her but I didn’t know where to turn next.”
“Juggling work, my family and my parents takes every bit of energy I have.”

There are millions of baby boomers who find themselves in this situation. They are often referred to as the sandwich generation – caught between raising their children and caring for aging parents.… CONTINUE READING