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Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can be very debilitating for the person experiencing it.  It can wake you up from a sound sleep and creep up on you during any daily activity.  Many times people with anxiety feel they have lost control when their body starts feeling its symptoms, like your heart beats faster, your hyperventilating, feeling nauseous or have the shakes.  When you learn to stop those symptoms before they get out of hand, you are taking back the one control you really never lost and that is control over how you feel. It is important to learn how to control those feelings to regain your peace of mind and overall contentment, which are so important for health, well-being and normal functioning.… CONTINUE READING

Chronic Liars: Who are You Deceiving?

Who hasn’t told a little white lie so you didn’t have to meet someone for lunch or go to a party?  Actually, occasionally telling a white lie may be helpful when you are managing your interpersonal relationships.  However, one of the fundamental aspects of healthy relationships is being able to trust and depend on the other person, so chronic lying can get you in trouble.  In fact, excessive lying can be considered a character flaw.Sad Women

When would it be OK to lie to someone?  Here are a few instances when you can be perhaps justified to lie:

  1. If what you say would be downright hurtful, you may want to fudge the truth.

Toxic People: How to Deal with Energy Zappers

You all know people who deplete your energy, leaving you exhausted, riddled with guilt or stressed.  When you are with them, you become drained and worn out.  These people are toxic and can be selfish, nasty, jealous, inconsiderate, narcissistic and abusive.  There are several things you can do so you maintain your energy level and your personal power, and not let these caustic people overwhelm you.

Keep energy zappers away

Keep energy zappers away

  1. You must first be aware of who they are and how they make you feel. Notice if you feel sick or get a tight feeling in your stomach when you see them. 

7 Steps to End Your Nagging

146“Don’t leave dirty dishes!” “Pick up the wet towel!” “Shut the bedroom light!” These are a few of the things I would scream –  like a broken record – to get my family to do some obvious chores and necessary conveniences. But I was not always successful, nor was I really ever heard.

There are always tons of things that need to get done and no time for you to do it all.  That’s why you are so persistent in coordinating things with verbal reminders and perhaps, hurtful jabs. However, it’s not fun being the recipient of all that pestering and it’s also demeaning to your partner’s self-worth.… CONTINUE READING

How Much Do You Appreciate Your Life? Take the Test!

Appreciation is like the ebb and flow of the tide.  When the tide goes out, it allows more of the flow to come in.  The more you appreciate your life and the people in it, the more you are appreciated.  It’s a great feeling to keep this natural law of nature working.Af0sF2OS5S5gatqrKzVP_Silhoutte

 Disagree 1 2 3 4 5 Agree

  1.  _____I like to go out with friends, family and keep my social life active.
  2.  _____I am grateful for my job and the work I do.
  3.  _____I am constantly working on my self-growth and personal improvement.
  4. _____I have a good plan for saving money.