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The Magic of Synchronicity, Boomer-Style

Our eyes met from across the room and I had to know him. Call it love at first sight or some sort of magical magnetism, but 37 years ago I connected with someone I didn’t know and had never seen before.

Robert and I went to the same local college in Queens, N.Y., and were one of 20,000 students in 1970 who protested the war and staged sit-ins. This particular year, we both somehow signed up to go on a 5 week, 10 credit archeological field dig in Chico, California, during the summer. I was an anthropology major in my junior year, so it made perfect sense for me, but Robert was an education/music major and a freshman.… CONTINUE READING

Boomer’s Biggest Worry – Are the Kids OK?

A recent article in USA Today sparked my interest. It was about parents and their concern for their adult children or teens having difficulty figuring out their lives. It also addressed the difference between parents being a support and being supportive. Should we be worried?

As a mom of 2 grown children in their 20’s, can I draw the line between being the supportive, but not meddling mom? If I ask too many questions, am I prying? I want to be sure my kids are independent, responsible, bright young adults and therefore, don’t I have the right to find out what’s going on in their lives?… CONTINUE READING

The Value of Hiring and Keeping Mature Workers

A recent study by Strategy One, a market research firm, concluded that baby boomers don’t consider themselves old until the age of “74” and that 78% believe there are still opportunities open and available to them. Another study by AARP reports that 70% of boomers plan on working well past retirement age. What do these statistics indicate?

It shows that baby boomers are still a valuable resource in the work force and that their significance needs to be recognized and embraced. Boomers bring some special qualities to a company that they won’t find in their younger employees.

How Can I Be 50, When I Still Feel 25?

Where did the years go? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was considered the youngster in the crowd and everyone else was old? Somehow the years moved along and now I have a 25 year old daughter who considers me the old fogey.

I tell her that age is just a number, because I don’t feel my 50+ years. I’m still vital and forward thinking, looking to the future with excitement and passion. I don’t plan to have that change any time soon. In fact, Hale Dwoksin, author of The Sedona Method, states ,“The best way to embrace your age is to look inside and notice that at your core what you are is ageless.… CONTINUE READING

Practice Uncommon Appreciation

Jack Canfield, author of the billion dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul and world renowned Success Coach, once wrote about appreciation by putting it this way:
“If asked, could you name the five wealthiest people in the world, or five people who have won the Nobel Prize, or the last five Academy Award winners for best actor and actress? The point is, none of us remember the headliners of yesterday. When the applause dies, the awards tarnish, and achievements are forgotten; no one cares about who won which award.

But if I asked you to list five teachers or mentors who believed in you and encouraged you, five friends who have helped you through a difficult time, five people who have taught you something worthwhile, or five people who have made you feel appreciated and special – that’s much easier to do, isn’t it?… CONTINUE READING