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Do You Have a Soft Addiction?

Do you come home after work and zone out in front of the TV? Or do you spend hours surfing the web and checking your email? Can you do several hours at the gym or chat on the phone incessantly? If you can relate to this you may have a Soft Addiction, the phrase coined by author Judith Wright, Ed. D. who has studied these types of behaviors for many years.

A soft addiction is a harmless habit that can take over your life. It is an activity you overdo or one that consumes you. Has anybody commented on the amount of time you spend in this activity?… CONTINUE READING

Life In The Balance

Anything in extreme can cause you problems. While exercise is good, too much may do damage to your muscles or tendons. Vitamin supplements support good health, but mega doses could be toxic over long term use. You get the picture.justice scale

The key to getting the most out of life is following a regimen of moderation and balance. This applies to all your personal and professional experiences.

What does balance really mean and how can you apply it? Here are some suggestions:

1. Space your meals, for instance, so that you are not binging at any one meal. Do not go more than four hours without food or snacks.… CONTINUE READING

Are You Born an Optimist?

Even though sustained negativity is toxic and bad for your health, many people are still more intrinsically pessimistic than optimistic. Are you, therefore, born with a propensity for pessimism or can you develop the mindset of an optimist?

Apparently, you learn many attitudinal patterns from your parents and become wired toward a certain direction. However, there’s a lot of learning you can do to take control of your outlook on life and keep the pendulum swinging in a more optimistic course.

Some people try lifestyle changes, like meditation, relaxation, and yoga exercises to keep their perspective upbeat and focused on the sunnier side of the spectrum.… CONTINUE READING

Questions to Ask Yourself

Right now, enjoy some quiet contemplation to take stock of your life. Take some time to reflect on how you’re doing and what you would like to happen in your future years. Why should you do this? Because it’s always good to get some perspective on the positive and negative things going on so you can make good and necessary changes.

questionsHere are some appropriate questions to ask yourself to gain a better view of how to live your best life now – and for the many years to come.

1. Am I paying attention to the needs of my body?… CONTINUE READING

A Boomer’s Cure for Boredom

How can you increase your overall well-being? It’s easy if you stay open and receptive to new ideas. The key is to be flexible in your thinking and behavior and to not fall into a rut.

Your familiar routine becomes the problem and that leads to boredom and frustration. Your life becomes so ho-hum that it’s no longer memorable. To get unstuck, you need to bring more spice and excitement into your life. You can only do that by shaking things up and by stepping outside your comfort zone. bored-boomer

Basically, if you realize that your thoughts, feelings and actions put you where you are today, then your thoughts, feelings and actions can put you somewhere else as well.… CONTINUE READING