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Thanks and Appreciation

Just because you’re mature and wise, it doesn’t mean you should take this wonderful life for granted. When something nice happens to you, how do you show your appreciation? Do you just ignore it or do you make an effort to be appreciative to the person involved?
Showing appreciation is a social art that is worth the effort to learn or even expand. Your appreciation doesn’t have to be big. Sincere words of thanks cost you very little, but will mean the world to the person receiving it. This would motivate them to continue doing what they are doing and you both wind up winning.… CONTINUE READING

Aging Baby Boomers: Blessed and Burdened

Baby boomers are truly blessed. We are one of the most influential generations in the world. We are more active, more determined to stay young and healthy and more willing to live our lives freely and robustly.

In fact, as we get older, we are still getting better with each passing year. Why is that so? Because, we, boomers, can do anything you want. Think about this. Just because you’re older, it doesn’t mean you can’t find your dreams and fulfill it. It’s not too late to think BIG and pursue what would truly make you happy. If you are open to opportunities, the ideas, people, and information will fall into place.… CONTINUE READING

Not Just Another Birthday

I celebrated a birthday this Memorial Day weekend and it was the best one yet.  At my age, I never thought I’d be saying that, but it really was. Plus, I had the whole weekend to party! Since my son and daughter-in-law live in Jacksonville, FL. I was hoping they would come down for the long weekend, but they couldn’t make it.  I understood.  They had their own life and commitments. My daughter wanted to make me a party, but I didn’t want her to go through the effort.  I told my husband to just take me to this wonderful seafood restaurant so I could get a 2 lb.… CONTINUE READING

Dealing with the Loss of a Friend

I lost my good friend, Helene, to cancer, a few weeks ago. She was a talented therapist who devoted her life to helping people work through their emotional pain and personal challenges. Helene was very dedicated to her clients and even through all her medical treatments, remained at work till she could no longer. However, Helene was unable to win her own battle against cancer, although she was a true warrior and survivor. She overcame breast cancer twenty-five years before and was in remission for five years after her first bout with lung cancer. cropped2

Her passing has been very difficult for me and our other good friend, Bobbi, as we developed a close bond that spanned over a decade.… CONTINUE READING

Do You Have a Soft Addiction?

Do you come home after work and zone out in front of the TV? Or do you spend hours surfing the web and checking your email? Can you do several hours at the gym or chat on the phone incessantly? If you can relate to this you may have a Soft Addiction, the phrase coined by author Judith Wright, Ed. D. who has studied these types of behaviors for many years.

A soft addiction is a harmless habit that can take over your life. It is an activity you overdo or one that consumes you. Has anybody commented on the amount of time you spend in this activity?… CONTINUE READING