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Adult Children: Are you a Support or Do You Meddle?

Is there a difference between being a support to your children and being too supportive? Should we as parents be worried?

I am the mom of two wonderful adult children. Both are college educated and on their own. My married son has a great job and he and his wife are financially stable. In fact, they have one little girl and are talking about #2. My single daughter lives 3000 miles away, and I worry about her all the time. Can I draw the line between being the supportive, caring mother, and not the interfering, meddling mom? If I ask too many questions, am I prying?… CONTINUE READING

Home for the Holidays: You and Your College Kids

As wonderful as the holidays are, when your college kids come home, the stress usually escalates. It’s not that you don’t want to see them. In fact, you’re looking forward to it, but the problem lies in expectations.

You want to welcome your adult child home from school, yet you’re not sure you can see him/her technically all grown up. Remember that your child has been away from home where rules and restrictions are minimal and is experiencing many more opportunities and temptations than when they were safely under your supervision.

So how do you handle all this?

1. You would like to do an emotional check up on the kids to be sure they’re doing well, but don’t want to pry too much or be invasive.… CONTINUE READING

Dealing With Your Teens

restoring_harmony_within_the_family_ebook1If you were asked what the hardest thing about being a parent is, what would you say? Would it be that your cute little girl, who never left your side, suddenly became an independent women, no longer “needing” your attention? Or that your son doesn’t realize you have feelings, too, and that his disrespect and obnoxious behavior hurts you immensely?

As parents, we want our children, whether they’re teens or young adults, to understand that we always want the best for them and that sometimes we make mistakes. We want them to know that occasionally we forget what we have told them, but we didn’t do it intentionally to hurt them.… CONTINUE READING

Boomers Dealing with Difficult Teens

You’d think at this stage of your life, things would get easier. After all, the kids aren’t babies any more. They are pretty much on their own. However, who’d expect them to be so rebellious, moody and just plain out of control?

The stress it puts on you and your family is huge and most times you just drop your hands in disgust without knowing what to do. Yet, there are lessons to be learned and strategies you can use to make things better.teens1

Teens are going to argue with you no matter what the issue. This is how they find their place in an adult world, as they learn to transition away from being children to young productive individuals.… CONTINUE READING