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When You Retire: Reinventing Yourself at Midlife

With a surprising number of boomers heading towards retirement, most are not ready to spend their days hitting the golf balls or playing bridge. Instead they are looking to the future with enthusiasm and gusto.  Why?  Because they know that now they can finally do what they’ve always wanted to do.  Whether it’s learning a new instrument (I’m learning the ukulele), studying a new language, writing a book or going back to school for training, they are excited about what lies ahead.52

How do you get that kind of enthusiasm?  Understand that most people “our” age are living a lot longer — in fact well into their 80’s. … CONTINUE READING

Who Me, Retire?

You have to admit this — you aren’t getting any younger.   But with 78 million of us still employed, you are forcing companies to reinvent what it means to be “old” and still working. Many of you don’t have to think about retirement for another 5-10 years, and others are contemplating that transition now. To avoid the confusion and maybe frustration, it’s wise to think about what you really want to be experiencing in your job and after, to make “retirement” an easier transition.

If you have some time to think about this, the ideal job for baby boomers would include flexible hours so you have the availability to care for your aging parents and growing children.  … CONTINUE READING

Those Retirement Years

For those of you, considering retirement soon, BEWARE. The Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) has just come out with some dramatic information for soon-to-be-retirees. It seems that baby boomers are at a high risk of not having enough money to sustain them through their retirement years and that financial security may be lost earlier than expected. In other words, boomers are likely to exhaust their savings after 10-20 years of retirement.

Those boomers who are now between the ages of 56-62 have a 47% chance of not being able to pay for basic retirement needs plus medical costs. Younger boomers who are now 46-55, have a 43% chance of being in danger.… CONTINUE READING