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Two Keys to Aging Gracefully

Although most people think longevity is solely related to genes, it really depends on genes, attitude, lifestyle, and behavior.  Research shows that centenarians believe they are living a long life because of eating well, being optimistic and keeping busy. The Census Bureau estimates that by 2050, there will be 1.1 million people 100 years or older. The question to ask yourself is, D you want to be one of them and do you want to do it with ease and joy?

fullsizerenderMy mom is 92 years old and, while she has macular degeneration, she reads the paper daily, and contributes her own poetry, articles and jokes to her retirement home’s newspaper.… CONTINUE READING

Anti-Aging: Don’t Fall Prey to Getting Older

How you feel inside reflects whether or not you will age gracefully.  That’s a heavy statement.  After all, we all want to age with the least amount of attention or surprises.  However, if getting older to you means becoming more fragile, more forgetful and more wrinkled, then you need to look at your expectations and revise them.

Research has shown that attitude has a greater impact on health and longevity than anything else.  In other words, your expectations about what you are capable of determines how much you WILL do as you age.  Your expectations, not chronological age or biology, sets your limits on physical dexterity, strength, intelligence and even on how you look.… CONTINUE READING

Do You Remember When…?

You’ve lived long enough to have gone through many changes, both good and bad. You have seen the world through the eyes of a child and now as a mature adult. Things are undoubtedly very different from when you were young. But thankfully, you have the memories. Your memories are closely enmeshed with emotions of love, grief or joy. Memories affect your reasoning and decision-making, and because of your past, your present actions and experiences are affected. Your concept of yourself, your choices, attitudes and behaviors are driven in part by what you remember and how you interpret those memories.

So when I remember the metal skates that fit over my sneakers and the skate key used to tighten them, I am conjuring up a positive, pleasant memory that brings a smile to my face.… CONTINUE READING

Emotions and Your Brain

Each of you has a unique way of perceiving the world and reacting to things that happen to you. This is your emotional style and it impacts your life and shapes your personal happiness. However, all this can be changed if you follow some guidelines discussed in the book, “The Emotional Life of your Brain.” by Richard Davidson from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The idea is to make yourself more resilient as you get older, so you can lead a meaningful, productive, happier life. According to Davidson, you can improve your emotional well-being by improving certain skills. The more you practice these skills, the better you feel and the more effective you become.… CONTINUE READING

Are You Forgetful?

While many baby boomers complain that they are becoming more and more forgetful, for most of us, it is a common condition of aging. Our ability to concentrate gradually reduces with age and we therefore don’t pay attention to what we are doing, hearing or seeing.

Of course, most boomers are concerned about getting Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. In fact, fifty percent of people in their 80’s will experience some cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s is often over-diagnosed as the culprit.

There are many reasons why we forget. Here is a list of some causes discussed on WebMD: 2521811155_56ef50a391_s