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-“Love your posts. Thanks for sharing this.”
-Mary B., Tacoma, Washington

-“That was such a wonderful article about remaining close with the kids. Thank you so much. I will print it and re-read it. It is a beautiful message.”
-Ellen C., Jacksonville, Florida

-“Very informative. Didn’t realize domestic abuse was so prevalent among our generation. Thanks for bringing this to light”
-Jannet N., New York, New York

-“I like your perspective on estrangement and will take this to heart. Your articles are great and I enjoy reading them every week.”
-Joann S., Austin, Texas

-“I experienced just what you wrote about and have forgiven my relatives after 15 years. Keep writing great articles.”
-Barry F., Princeton, New Jersey

-“I am fortunate to have always been an optimist. I was not aware that negative people could become optimistic if they were willing to work at it. Thanks for pointing that out in this great article.”
-Phil M., Boca Raton, Florida