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Feeling Helpless? Your Life is Full of Choices

Choice between going right or left“Life has nothing to do with what you are doing and everything to do with what you are being.” (Neale Donald Walsch)

What that means is that you have a choice as to how you are going to be right now. Do you want to be happy, joyful, peaceful, content, secure, loving, silly, compassionate or empowered? It is your choice how you experience “Right Now.”

Even when terrible things happen, there are still choices to be made. You can focus on how to meet the challenge effectively so that you move through it faster, healthier and with the least harmful consequences. Or, you can ruminate over how horrible life is and how you are always dealt the worse hand.

It’s an issue of controlling your state of mind. It’s putting attention on how you want to be.

Whenever you find yourself feeling negative, remember you have a decision to make. The decision is to choose. Ask yourself, “How do I want to feel now?” Then remember that you are no longer attached to your emotional scars of the past. You are no longer dictated by negative experiences. You are instead empowered to choose the state you want to be in at this time and in this situation. Just tell yourself:

I have a choice to feel good.
I have a choice to let go of the past.
I have a choice to laugh and be silly.
I have a choice to forgive.
I have a choice to let learn from my past mistakes.
I have a choice to be confident.
I have a choice to be loved.
I have a choice to be happy.

Think about how resourceful you can be. If you can shift your awareness to another state, you get yourself out of being and feeling stuck and into a new practice of thinking. This change not only gives you greater insight but also a greater ability to handle life’s challenges.

Your life is yours to create and to manifest the best possible scenarios under the circumstances you are given. Don’t give up your power to a feeling that reinforces how you don’t want to be. Instead, move freely to a more constructive, preferable state of being that is more conducive to a happier, joyful way of living.


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