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How To Maintain Your Creativity

You may realize that aging causes many changes in your life — your hearing may be less acute, your hair may be thinning and your memory may not be as sharp — but there is something that doesn’t get lost as you grow older, and that is your wisdom and creativity.

You probably have something you feel very passionate about that you haven’t pursued in many years, because your focus was on family and career.  Now, with perhaps more time to revisit and resume your interests, you are finding that your previous frame of mind has changed and that your mature spirit is ready to come out of dormancy.

How do you know where to start?  Here are some ways to recultivate your long-lost talents:


  1. Do what you love. You have to explore those areas that give you the most pleasure and then act on it.  Does walking in the woods give you inspiration?  Do you feel like writing about what you see or capturing the colors on canvas?  Do the sights and sounds encourage you to express through music?


  1. Talk to others who are doing what you’d love to be doing. Live vicariously through their success and then use their strategies as your stepping-stones.  If they can do it, so can you.


  1. A change in perspective will reveal hidden strengths. What you thought you couldn’t do before, you might want to try again. After all, life experience has taught you many things, especially that if you don’t succeed the first time, keep trying.


  1. Creative renewal also comes from reassessing your interests. Can you switch your focus away from what you ordinarily do? A lot can happen when you are looking for something else. In fact, when you least expect it, that’s when wonderful things happen! So, if you always exercise with free weights, try a few yoga classes; you may find you excel. Or, if you never thought you could write, keep a journal of your thoughts and it may end up being your memoir!

You have always been creative and the more you become involved, the more your life has meaning.  The most difficult part is realizing where to begin.  If you are seeking to renew your creativity, just go for a walk and inspiration will turn on what is already there.



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