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How to Stop Being a People Pleaser

Just Love Yourself

The problem with being a people pleaser is that you forget how important you are because you want to be sure the other person is OK.  Here’s the key.  Do not be a martyrTake care of yourself, above all else, to ensure you maintain your health and well-being.  You should never feel guilty about focusing on yourself and on your personal needs.   Nor should you delay your enjoyment or settle for what you don’t deserve. So you need to continuously nurture yourself, just to be reminded that you are significant, worthy and SO very important.

How do you do this?  Start with your self-talk.  Repeat a daily message of support and encouragement over and over again.  Your personal internal dialogue should reflect your belief that you’re doing well, are important and deserve the best in life.  Say things like, “I am having a great day,”  “I deserve to be happy and do things I love doing,” or “I love life and will continue to enjoy myself daily.”  This dialogue will keep you focused on yourself, something too many women and men forget to do in their personal, as well as professional relationships.

And remember to never compromise yourself for the sake of others.  Keep your integrity and the standards that you live by, so you won’t feel put upon or diminished by anyone else.  Honor yourself by thinking independently and sticking by your own perceptions and opinions.  Live authentically, speaking and acting from your own convictions and values.  Learn to trust yourself and you will be happier focusing more on your own best interests than every body else’s.




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