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“If Your Teen is Acting Out”
Parenting Program

teens acting out

Are you struggling with a teen who’s defiant, secretive, abusive and heading down a destructive path?
Are you desperate to find how you can turn things around?

I don’t have to tell you that when your family is in crisis, it’s hard to get things back on track. The frustration, fear, helplessness and exhaustion you experience makes you feel trapped in an unending spiral of self-defeat.

Most parents need to feel they’re back in control, but they don’t know how. If screaming, negotiating, coaxing, punishing and pleading are not working, it’s time to do something else.

This Therapist-Designed Program will
Simplify the Process for You!

As a therapist, I worked with adolescents in a substance abuse program for many years. Most teens say they got into drugs because their parents didn’t “listen” to them or weren’t there for them. They needed acceptance, understanding, flexibility and less judgment. Often, home was not their safe haven, as yelling and screaming became the norm. Sometimes, parents provided the best home environment and their teens still rebelled.

In all cases, structure and consistency were essential for turning things around. But how do you begin?

By becoming knowledgeable about what makes your teen tick. What are the underlying causes behind their troubling behavior? What is your teen not telling you? What do they really need from you? What can you do to keep from alienating your child?

I’ve designed a program that first helps you discover the vital answers to these important questions. And then it provides realistic, practical solutions you can implement to achieve the happy, healthy outcome you desire.

“If Your Teen is Acting Out” Parenting Program gives you the tools, techniques, insights and strategies to gain back your control and confidence. It offers the guidance you need to help your teens face the challenges they encounter. The program explores:

bul1 The pressures teens are under
bul1 The parenting mistakes most parents make
bul1 What your teen wants you to know
bul1 The five most important parenting skills to create strong, healthy relationships
bul1 What parents want their kids to know

This program is NOT a substitute for medication or professional care. Never discontinue a teen’s medication without consulting your medical professional. The program’s also not a cure for any disorder or condition your child may have. It’s a tool for you, the parent, to give you essential knowledge to help you cope better, maintain a proper perspective and improve your parenting skills.

“If Your Teen is Acting Out” Parenting Program
is designed to bring about changes that will:

bul1 reduce your parent-teen conflicts
bul1 reduce the stress and chaos in your home
bul1 promote harmony and acceptance from all members of your family

This powerful program will also help you:

bul1 Communicate with your teen more effectively
bul1 Develop structure and consistency in your household
bul1 Improve your parenting style
bul1 Handle unacceptable behavior
bul1 Become aware of behavioral “red flags”
bul1 Maintain your flexibility and awareness
bul1 Better understand and respond to your teen

“I felt like my family was broken. As difficult as it was for me, the program has taught me to stay calm and consistent. Thanks for your supportive and enlightening information.”
Jennifer L. Seattle, WA

teens acting out

“If Your Teen Is Acting Out” Parenting Program includes:

bul1 One hour audio seminar discussing strategies for handling your difficult teens and the challenges they face.

bul1 “If Your Teen Is Acting Out” Parenting Program transcript with additional tools and techniques plus common questions asked by parents.

bul1 Guidelines for Setting Rules, Communicating Constructively, Listening, Building Bridges at Home, and Preventing Future Problems.

bul1 A Sample Teen Contract.

bul1 How to Decide What the Consequences Are – Tip Sheet.

$297.00 Value – All for $97.00

and download the complete program for just $97.00!

Plus…I’ve added 2 bonuses!

bul1 A Special Report on The Signs Your Family is in Crisis, filled with information to keep you from repeating old patterns and destructive behaviors.

bul1 And if you desire personal coaching, just send me a note and I’ll give you two coaching sessions for the price of one.
bul1 That’s a $300.00 value for $150.00!!

Your Total Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% satisfaction guarantee

Not sure whether “If Your Teen Is Acting Out” Parenting Program is right for you? I’ve eliminated the risk! If you’re not totally pleased with the information, just let me know within 60 days and I’ll refund your entire payment – NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

“Once you realize the changes you need to make, your child can’t help but change. It worked for mine and we are now back on track.” – Alison H. Jacksonville, FL.

Make an investment in your child you’ll never regret!

The Parenting Program gives you hours of insight, awareness, strategies, and tools to make parenting in the months and years ahead smoother, happier, and more successful than you imagined possible!

Isn’t that what you want for your children?

How much longer are you willing to wait for change to happen?

If you want to:

bul1 Avoid conflicts, bickering and heartache
bul1 Experience a healthy, long-term relationship with your child
bul1 Create a better future for yourself and your teen

… then this is the program for you.

Sincere Best Wishes,

Amy Sherman, MA
Therapist * Author * Trainer

P.S. This outstanding parenting program is a real bargain, considering the value it offers your family. It’s audio coaching and written material are all created to give you the tools you need to be a more confident, empowered parent. Plus, if you desire personal coaching with me after purchasing the Program, you can also get two sessions for the price of one!
Isn’t your family worth this small investment? Of course. Peace of mind is priceless!