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Retirement: Hope For the Future

The ages between 45-65 can be the most chaotic for you since you are experiencing many physical transitions, as well as emotional challenges.  With thoughts of your impending retirement and the economic changes that brings, you may feel increasingly out of sorts and maybe unnerved – but there is hope.  In fact, people who express the most hope for their future, do well in life and reap all kinds of benefits.

The trick is to work toward what you want instead of away from what you don’t want.  It becomes more motivating and invigorating to be forward thinking than to be worrying about doom and gloom.  You can actually make a “mind map” – an actual diagram of what you would like to happen for your future to gain some clarity.  Include a few anticipated obstacles and some foreseeable problems, but mostly plan out different pathways to get you to your goal.

Also realize that the pathways you choose become useless unless you are motivated to use them.  For example, you may want to change careers to become a yoga instructor.  The pathways to get you to this goal include taking classes that teach a variety of yoga moves, practicing meditation daily, enjoying healthy food choices and ultimately taking the four-week training course for $3,500.  However, you will never reach your goal, if you can’t manage the course payment, can’t find  time to go to classes and don’t practice a healthy lifestyle yourself.  In other words, are the avenues you have chosen something you are willing to invest in?

The ability to feel hopeful about your future increases your well being, both professionally and personally and sets you in a momentum for fulfilling your future goals and desires.  The more you realize that anything is possible, the more inspired you’ll feel to maintain a bright attitude and a powerful expectation of something great happening tomorrow.  After all, tomorrow is another day that will always be there.


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