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Family Conflict: How to Create a Safe Environment

couple yelling at each otherYour relationship should make you feel safe and secure.  It should be the kind of relationship that encourages good communication and understanding when a conflict arises.  However, you know that things don’t always go as you would like and sometimes nasty words are exchanged and you and your partner are hurt, confused and angry.

It’s during those trying times, you need to feel comfortable enough to discuss your issues, without feeling intimidated, wronged or invisible.  How do you create an environment that allows you each to speak your minds so a compromise can be established?

You first have to set down some guidelines about fair fighting. … CONTINUE READING

Healthy Arguing: Take The High Road

cd008What if you like to argue! In fact, the most common things people argue about are money, sex, family, work and chores. Sometimes, it’s necessary to argue as a way of setting boundaries and establishing limits in a relationship. If something is very important to you, arguing may be necessary to get your point heard. It allows you to vent and clean the air when things have been built up inside for too long. Plus, yelling is a good release for de-stressing from a hectic day. Ultimately, arguing has some positive benefits and can actually make you feel closer to your partner, by allowing you to understand each other a little better.… CONTINUE READING

Negotiation and Fair Fighting

The older I get, the more I realize that I want to feel good and live my life in peace and harmony. Therefore, most everything I do is directed towards increasing my happiness and fulfillment. However, I know that it’s not always possible to stay calm and collected all the time, because things happen to get me upset or angry. I also know that if I can, I try not to let a conflict develop into a confrontation or escalate into a full-blown argument. In fact, there are things to do to de-escalate a situation and even create a win-win scenario.… CONTINUE READING