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Breathing Exercises to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can be very debilitating for the person experiencing it.  It can wake you up from a sound sleep and creep up on you during any daily activity.  Many times people with anxiety feel they have lost control when their body starts feeling its symptoms, like your heart beats faster, your hyperventilating, feeling nauseous or have the shakes.  When you learn to stop those symptoms before they get out of hand, you are taking back the one control you really never lost and that is control over how you feel. It is important to learn how to control those feelings to regain your peace of mind and overall contentment, which are so important for health, well-being and normal functioning.… CONTINUE READING

Coping with the Unexpected: How to Be More Resilient

girls-women-happy-sexy-sunset-sunrise-birdsLife has a way of surprising us with challenges we didn’t expect, especially when it comes to our family, health and work.  Studies show that some individuals can deal with these significant issues with greater resiliency than others.  They tend to rebound and take on the challenge with confidence and hope.  If you believe yourself to be strong in the face of stressful situations, you can classify your emotional hardiness as high.  If not, you may want to learn how to develop and apply the characteristics of a resilient personality to better enhance your chances of successfully dealing with your unexpected crises. CONTINUE READING