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Releasing Resentments: Letting Go & Moving On

What does letting go actually mean?

Letting go means releasing grudges and resentments, anger, pain or any negative feelings from the past, which can keeping you from feeling good now and of course, in the future.woman reaching towards the sky

Think of it this way. Here’s an illustration of what this means.

  1. Take a large plastic bag and fill it with laundry.
  2. Everywhere you go throughout the next hour, carry that bag of laundry over your shoulders never putting it down. How would that feel? Heavy, you’ll feel burdened, tired, uncomfortable.
  3. This exercise is symbolic of what it’s like carrying around the weight of hate, anger, grudges and resentment.

Difference Between Anger and Bitterness

There are so many emotions you can experience and so many feelings to express. Hopefully, the negative ones are fleeting and the positive ones strengthen and renew you daily. Unfortunately, people will hurt you and do things that will be unfair, causing you to feel anger, frustration and resentment. These feelings may be longstanding and hard to release.

Why does this happen? photo2

Anger is something most people are familiar with, but the concern is not to let it fester where there is a risk you become bitter. You may be angry, but bitterness is something you carry with you at all times.… CONTINUE READING