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The Journey to Life Satisfaction in Midlife

It’s been suggested that people sixty-five or older are happier than those in their forties, fifties and early sixties.  It seems that younger people are more materialistic, which seems to add to their unhappiness and dissatisfaction.  The strong need to “own” things and to want more than they already have is a source of continual aggravation and misery.IMG_2455

However, you may be saying that you’re not really worried about “things” as much as you are about securing your future retirement years, about caring for your aging parents, about keeping your current job till retirement and about maintaining your physical health.  All these are real reasons for being dissatisfied, but don’t let them be the sole factors that guide your life. Take this opportunity to reexamine your journey to real satisfaction and contentment.

How are you living your life– in terms of lifestyle– to promote your sense of overall satisfaction?  Through all these challenges there are glimmers of happiness and joy, fulfillment and purpose, exhilaration and wonder and these should be the driving forces that keep you going.

Happiness is a state of mind that is shaped by the choices you make, the people you know and the things you do. Therefore, to increase you life satisfaction, you need to take control of the following factors that affect your well-being.

  1. Be sure your emotional health is taken care of.  That means you are aware of and in control of the daily negative feelings that could impact your health and cause you problems later on.
  2. Remain actively involved in things you feel passionate about and that you can continue pursuing well into very old age.
  3. Be proactive about your physical health before you experience major health problems.
  4. Examine your financial assets to understand where you stand in relation to this stage of life and later stages.
  5. Gain as much knowledge and information about how you can remain independent and in your own home in your elder years. Investigate what provisions and home health care services there are and decide now how it would best suit you.

Be prepared so you will have the emotional wherewithal, the physical stamina and the intellectual knowledge to take the necessary steps that keep you satisfied and living longer.  Don’t wait to be in your sixties before you find the life satisfaction you can experience right now.


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