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The Power of Friends for Making Changes

Why would you want to change yourself?  After all, for 40, 50 or 60 years things have been going fairly well and life has served you adequately.  In fact, raising your standards is easy to think about, but difficult to do, unless you use the greatest resource for personal change there is – and that’s the support of other people.

Friends hanging together

Your friends are your cheering committee.  They are your helpers, your motivation and your enthusiasm.  Just like a boss setting up coaching and mentoring sessions to help his team develop and increase productivity, your friends will give you honest feedback and objective insights for your well-being and success.  If you know how others perceive what you’re doing, it gives you the baseline to examine your progress and to review what needs to be tweaked.  A supportive environment is the best tool for implementing positive personal changes.

Therefore, if it’s easier to exercise 3x a week with a group of people, then organize a team to go walking with you.  This would positively impact your social life and ultimately make a huge difference in your health.  Or, if you’ve always wanted to learn about financial investing, take a class with someone you know, who will give you the motivation to implement the principals you both learn.

The most vital element needed for positive personal change is accountability to others.  If you start something, let others know.  If you need help, ask for assistance.  If you’re unsure about which direction to take, get some opinions.  It’s the shared experiences that make you feel more connected, driven and supported.

Everyone could use positive feedback.  So, to make a difference in your financial, emotional and physical well-being, take advantage of your friends’ opinions, suggestions and support.  With their encouragement, you will have the best chance of making positive personal changes that will be life altering and permanent.


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