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Two Keys to Aging Gracefully

Although most people think longevity is solely related to genes, it really depends on genes, attitude, lifestyle, and behavior.  Research shows that centenarians believe they are living a long life because of eating well, being optimistic and keeping busy. The Census Bureau estimates that by 2050, there will be 1.1 million people 100 years or older. The question to ask yourself is, D you want to be one of them and do you want to do it with ease and joy?

fullsizerenderMy mom is 92 years old and, while she has macular degeneration, she reads the paper daily, and contributes her own poetry, articles and jokes to her retirement home’s newspaper. She plays cards, goes to all the entertainment and eagerly enjoys the outings offered by her facility.  I can’t say that she likes being old, but it really hasn’t slowed her down too much.

There are two keys to aging well that you can start doing now to make a difference in your life.  Perhaps, you too, can live actively well into your 90’s. The first is:

  • Flexibility:

This means that you are able to step outside your comfort zone and explore different types of venues that would make your life better and even more comfortable.  Consider what kind of lifestyle changes you would use to improve your health and what kind of skills training you would need to improve your life.  Are there any life-long behaviors you can change to improve your health, relationships or career?  If you remain rigid in your thinking, like a tree in a storm — unwavering and unbending — you will break.  This does not make for a good or healthy state of mind or body.

Try being, acting, thinking differently and see how it feels. People usually want a quick fix, but there is no such thing.  You need to be open and receptive to new ideas because maybe, just maybe the new idea will work for you and turn your life around.

So ask yourself this question: How willing are you to make changes that will benefit your life? In response to some of my suggestions, one of my coaching clients always responds with “I can’t do it.”  And I say, is it that you can’t or won’t?  There’s a big difference.  If you are not willing to even try some new suggestions, techniques, tools that will improve your well-being, enhance your life, change your current emotional status, then why are we even talking?

  • Attitude:

People generally look at things as either good or bad, or right or wrong and then draw conclusions from that opinion.  However, by allowing yourself another option — that is to look at things with a new viewpoint– you will see that another perspective may actually be better suited for what you want.

Perhaps you’ll learn to see the bigger picture, as if you were standing on a mountain top looking down.  Wouldn’t your perspective be different than if you were in the valley looking up?  So, ask yourself these questions to motivate yourself to think and feel another way.

  • Is this situation really as bad as it looks?
  • Is there another option I’m missing?
  • Am I ready to do things differently?
  • Can anything positive come out of this change that I make?
  • What can I do right now to make things better?

These questions give you food for thought. Question if you are too rigid in your thinking because people who go with the flow and change when necessary are happier, healthier and enjoy life more.  Is that you?






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