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Writing Your Memoirs

man typingWhen you consider writing your memoirs, it may seem like a monumental undertaking.  After all, you’ve lived a long life and have experienced many things.  However, if you take each phase of your life as a separate entity, you will find that it becomes easier to resurrect those moments and those experiences you want to share with others.

Don’t feel overwhelmed.  You don’t have to start your memoir at the beginning of your life.  This is your story and your arrangement.  Just try to connect the stories so that it flows in some sequence or order.

Your family and other readers want to experience what happened to you just as you experienced it.  Therefore, include the emotional side of the story, relating how you felt at that time, including difficulties, challenges, fears and disappointments. Each scenario is a self-standing incident that you consider important enough to convey to others.  At first, you may think, why bother and what’s the point? But if you consider this your legacy, you will be more inclined to share those things that impacted your life in some small or even monumental way.

Be careful, though, because sometimes your experiences can be very painful to recall and even harder to be honest about.  But realize that when you confront a difficult situation, it loses its power and is no longer a threat or thorn in your life.  Your courage will be very inspiring to your family as they learn from your strengths and lessons.

Be sure to include quotes from family members, specific expressions used within the family, dialogue you remember and anything else that would bring your story to life. You are looking to make your story more real, unique and interesting for those closest to you or anyone else who reads it.

Here are some topics to consider, if you want to get started right away.

  • Where, when and under what circumstances were you born
  • Your neighborhood and surroundings
  • Your years in school
  • Family vacations
  • Close friends, games you played
  • Your pets and how they affected your life
  • Going off to college
  • Falling in love
  • Graduation and Career
  • Children
  • Financial struggles/challenges
  • Family Travel experiences
  • Divorces
  • Your pets, hobbies, gifts and talents
  • Special accomplishments

Your memoir does not have to be a piece of work that gets published, although it can.  You decide if you are writing for yourself, your family or for the general masses.  Just keep in mind that your account of your life needs to be written well enough to pull the reader in emotionally and keep them interested till the end.











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